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Florida Eyecare Associates - Complete Your Halloween Costume With These Spexy +Shady Eyeglasses

Complete Your Halloween Costume With These Spexy +Shady Eyeglasses

Halloween is right around the corner. You may have purchased your favorite Halloween costumes and planned everything to make your Halloween night unforgettable. But what about the accessories? Besides a cool and spooky wig and mask, you may also need a pair of spectacular glasses to match to your look and personality. Can’t decide on [...]

Understanding Vision Insurance And Its Advantages

The cost of general eye exams and prescription eyewear is increasing day-by-day.  It can be of real concern, especially for large families. It is important to understand that a vision insurance policy is entirely different from a health insurance policy. A regular health insurance plan is designed to protect you against financial losses that may […]


Why Are Eye Exams Important?

When people think about their health, they often take their eyes for granted. Yet they are the most sensitive organs of our body, they need utmost care and attention. Even if there are a wide variety of ways to maintain a healthy vision, but the one of the best things to ensure the well-being of […]

Florida Eyecare Associates - Wear the right Sports Sunglasses to increase your performance

Wear the right Sports Sunglasses to increase your performance

Sporting is a favorite pass time of many people all over the world. Needless to say, most of the sports activities are performed outdoors. If you are passionate about sports and not wearing sports sunglasses while performing the activities, then perhaps you don’t know the benefits of wearing proper sports sunglasses. Many people don’t mind [...]

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The problems that come with contact lens abuse Among eye doctors and technicians, sleeping in contact lenses and caring for them improperly is actually called “contact lens abuse.” And it turns out eye professionals can usually tell if you’re an abuser, no matter what you say at your eye exam, because your cornea (the outermost [...]
Florida Eyecare Associates - Eye Care Center Near Me

Eye Care Center Near Me

Whether you are new to the area or are simply looking for an eye exam from a qualified eye doctor, finding an eye center near you that is friendly and professional is essential to your eye health. Optometrists Who Accept Medicaid At Florida Eyecare Associates, our optometrists accept Medicaid, making eye health easier and more [...]