MaxiTears Dry Eye Formula Ongoing Vision Auto-Refill Program*

MaxiTears Dry Eye Formula Ongoing Vision Auto-Refill Program*


360 Capsules $26.95 + FREE S&P / Per Month
Total monthly cost including shipping $26.95

Each shipment provides a 3-month supply – 360 capsules
You may cancel your participation in the program simply by calling customer service at least 1 week before your next scheduled shipment
You save $7 per month ($21.00 per shipment)
FREE S&H (an additional $22.35 savings)

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Americans diets tend to be deficient in beneficial fatty acids. These oils help keep eyes moist and prevent scarring of the cornea. This support is especially important as we age and are exposed to common environmental factors that can cause irritation and dryness.

MaxiTears is the research-based supplement that works from the inside out to help with natural tearing and tear production. Formulated to provide the specific eye-doctor-recommended ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acids plus turmeric root, mucin complex, GLA and other antioxidants, MaxiTears provides a 3-way approach: enhancing tear production, improving the quality of the tears and helping with occasional irritation.

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